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Fine Quality Mineral Specimens for Sale

Welcome to the list of mineral specimens for sale, arranged alphabetically by English mineral name — new minerals are added periodically — our list includes rare items too for the systematic collector. Specimen dimensions are approximate, given as metric LWH (length × width × height). If you need additional information about a specimen, please send us an e-mail; we'll reply promptly.

Two abbreviations show up often in the specimen description: GSC means Geological Survey of Canada, and XRD means X-Ray Diffraction, a scientific method to determine a mineral's identity from its crystal structure.

Each specimen for sale is identified with a unique Mineral #, followed by: Available, meaning it is available for purchase; On Hold meaning that there is a pending sale, or SOLD meaning the specimen is no longer available.

Minerals were photographed with either Olympus E-20n or a Nikon D80 digital SLR cameras, generally using both flash and natural outdoor light. Photos have not been color-adjusted.

For your convenience, our How to Order page includes a helpful currency converter, calculating any amount from the US dollar currency shown to any other currency.

We also accept specimens on consignment. Please write for further information.